Upcoming VALOR Events (held monthly):

All participants must attend the briefing!

VALOR trials will resume in September, 2016!

Back to night trials!!!

May 14, 2016; Briefing at 6:30 PM; All 4 classes available: Standard, Jumpers, Perfect 50, Snooker

The premium for each event is linked to the date above.

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VALOR, the Virtual Agility League, is a video taped dog agility venue that is designed for dogs that may not be able to handle the traditional trial environment due to fear or anxiety.  Studies have shown that fearful and anxious dogs can benefit from doing agility and we at Cowtown Dog Sports believe that their accomplishments should be acknowledged too.

DSC_0026One of the great things about VALOR is that any dog can participate! Even dogs that are already competing in traditional trial environments.  VALOR is great for

  • distracted dogs
  • fearful dogs
  • older dogs (due to the availability lowered jump heights)
  • young dogs that need more experience
  • handlers that need more experience
  • teams that have trouble making course times at traditional trials
  • dogs that are stressed by challenges presented in the traditional trial environment
  • Any team that wants an opportunity to practice
  • teams that want to have fun while hanging out in a non-competitive, supportive environment.

Most of all, we find that VALOR trials are just plain fun!

Cowtown Dog Sports is proud to be an approved VALOR facility and we hold events monthly.  Courses provided by VALOR are setup and run by these dogs and video tapes are submitted for judging.  Friends get together at these trials just like they would for any other trial, but the environment is much more controlled for the dogs.  There are no judges or ring crew in the ring – only the dog, the handler, and the person doing the video tape.

VALOR courses are challenging!  These courses can be thought of as a “take-home” test rather than one that is taken during the class period.  They course may be practiced by the dogs before taping although we put a time limit on it to keep the trial moving along.  The dogs earn ribbons, titles, medals, prizes and even Championship titles.

If you are interested in participating in a VALOR Day event or training your dog for this venue, Contact us  to join our VALOR Email list or for more information!


VALOR fun!VALOR fun!Valor fun!