Class Progression

Are you interested in doing agility with your dog?  Rally?  Trick training?  Want your dog to earn AKC’s Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title?

We find that a strong foundation can strongly enhance the dog’s performance in whatever they want to train.  Students new to our program to begin with the Basic Dog Obedience class so that they are better prepared to pursue whatever specialized skills they are interested in.


IMG_20141209_114444_225After Obedience class, students who want to pursue agility (What is Dog Agility?) continue on Foundation for Agility 1 and Foundation for Agility 2.  The team then continues to Level 1 – 4 which introduces handling and more obstacles.

Dog Agility Classes

Teams who want to pursue rally (What is Rally Obedience?) continue on to Rally Obedience 1 and Rally Obedience 2.  These classes focus on the behaviors used in Rally, learning the Rally signs and practicing Rally courses.

Rally Obedience Classes 

Trick classes are held periodically and the tricks taught will change from class to class.

The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) class focuses on the specific skills that are required to pass the CGC test.

The Distractions and Self Control class is designed for dogs that have mastered Basic Obedience training, but become fearful or overly excited in the face of distractions such as other dogs or those in a typical trial environment.

Private lessons on any of these topics and more are also available.