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Barking In Agility

Some people have dogs that bark while playing agility.  I’m not talking about the dogs that are crated on the side of the ring (that’s a different topic!), but the ones that bark while they are running a course in the ring. There are many reasons why the dog may be barking including: Frustration since […]

Cowtown Dog Sports Welcomes VALOR!

Cowtown Dog Sports is proud to announce that we have been approved as a facility for VALOR trials! VALOR, the Virtual Agility League, and is designed to acknowledge the accomplishments of fearful, reactive, and highly distracted dogs.   It can also serve as a starting point for dogs that may enter more traditional trial environments (i.e. as […]

Additional Classes Starting at Cowtown Dog Sports!

We are excited to announce that Cowtown Dog Sports is adding more classes in June!  This includes the addition of morning classes for those of you who can’t make it in the evenings! We will continue to teach our Foundation for Agility 1 and Agility 2 classes, but we are now requiring that students attend our Basic Obedience class […]

Advanced Agility Course, 031714

This advanced course is relatively short, but still has quite a few challenges in it.  For baby dogs, the tunnel at 13 can be added between 8 and 9.

International Challenge 1

With all the focus on international handling lately, I thought I’d throw out a set of short exercises using 4 jumps with the idea of seeing how different people would handle these.  Would love to see some video! NOTE: It is highly recommended that you substitute wing jumps in place of the wingless ones depicted […]

Advanced Level Course, 12/30/13

Below is a course we recently ran at Cowtown Dog Sports in a private lesson.  It can be made easier for Novice dogs by skipping 4-6 although we still found it a bit challenging for them.

Why I Teach

Teaching and education have long been highly valued in my family.   Both my parents were college professors and I loved school so much that I spent a very long time there and left with a PhD in physics.  I still love learning and am happiest when I am growing. As a dog agility instructor, […]

Old Dogs Rule! – A Trip Down Memory Lane

Recently a local ASCA club held a Senior Specialty class at a trial – a chance for us to honor our old agility dogs.  I took my 14 year old beagle mix Zeener.  The dogwalk and jump bars were lowered.  The chute and teeter were available by choice and we each got the chance to […]

A New Start…

About a year ago, we moved to a new property west of Fort Worth, Texas with the goal of starting anew and creating a haven for me and the dogs to play.  It has been quite the adventure. We have installed lighting, fencing, built agility equipment, and started teaching agility classes. In short, we’re creating […]