dog training

On the Word ‘No’….

When training my dogs, I very, very rarely tell them ‘No’.  This especially goes for training dog sports.  I focus on showing and telling them what they are doing right.  If they get it wrong, then I simply try to communicate what I want them to do rather than focusing on what I don’t want […]

Your Dog is Talking To You – Are You Listening?

I sometimes ask my students if they talk to their dogs.  Most often, the answer is ‘Yes’.  Then I ask them if their dog talks back to them.  And I usually get silence or a ‘No’. The reality is that most of our dogs are trying to communicate with us all the time!  We all […]


Upcoming VALOR Events (held monthly): All participants must attend the briefing! VALOR trials will resume in September, 2016! Back to night trials!!! May 14, 2016; Briefing at 6:30 PM; All 4 classes available: Standard, Jumpers, Perfect 50, Snooker The premium for each event is linked to the date above. Contact us to sign up for our […]

Training Facility

Cowtown Dog Sports is located in Hudson Oaks, Texas – about 20 minutes west of downtown Fort Worth.  Parking is on the north side of the facility.  The area is surrounded by wildlife.  Students have spotted deer, foxes, possums, rabbits, and raccoons in the areas around the training facility. Classes are held both indoors and […]

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

Several times each year, Cowtown Dog Sports offers a class to prepare students for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test.  The CGC title is awarded by AKC to those dogs and their owners that are able to exhibit good manners in the face of distractions and common events such as going to the vet and groomer. […]

Rally Obedience Classes

Students must complete Basic Obedience or have prior approval before registering for Rally classes. Please contact us for more information! FAQ: What is Rally Obedience? Does your dog already know basic obedience and you want to do more with him?  Our rally obedience classes might be the solution!  Rally is like an obedience obstacle course […]

Dog Agility Classes

The Basic Dog Obedience class at our facility is a prerequisite for Agility classes. After taking the Basic Obedience class, students typically progress into Foundation for Agility 1.  Please contact us for more information. FAQ: What is Dog Agility? Our dog agility classes are designed to build teamwork between the dog and handler while presenting them with challenges […]

Basic Dog Obedience

Basic Dog Obedience classes start every 6-8 weeks.  Click on the name of the class in the box below!  If you don’t see any classes listed in the box below, please contact us for more information! Are you tired of your dog jumping on people?  Pulling on the leash when you go for a walk? […]

Welcome to Cowtown Dog Sports!

Cowtown Dog Sports offers agility, basic obedience, and rally dog training classes in a fun, positive environment located only 20 minutes west of downtown Fort Worth, Texas.  Our primary goal is to help you and your dog work together as a team while preparing you for competition, however, we also welcome those who want to play […]

Awesome! You Get To Learn Something New!

I admit don’t know much about how the public school system works currently, but I can tell you that when I was in school, it was BAD to be wrong about something.  You were a failure.  You were stupid.  When it happened in front of the rest of the class, you were ashamed. The end […]