Class Etiquette

To help the class run smoothly and keep it fun for everyone we have a few rules:

  1. No prong collars, shock/E collars, or choke chains allowed. Flat buckle collars and martingales if they are adjusted properly are allowed.
  2. All dogs on leash unless otherwise instructed. Please use a 4 or 6 foot leash. No flexi-leads!
  3. Please come to class! The skills/games we learn will build on each other.  If you have missed many classes, you may become too far behind to continue with the rest of the class.
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  5. Please bring LOTS of SMALL treats for your dogs. We will be rewarding our dogs often and some dogs may get full if the treats are too large. Also bring a toy that your dog likes to play with – preferably a tug toy.
  6. Please arrive early to walk your dog in the parking area and alley way before class and pick up your poop!  Trash cans will be available at the corner of the goat building and close to the entrance of the main arena.
  7. Please stay off the equipment unless instructed.
  8. Watch for dogs, deer, and children on the road leading to the facility.
  9. Weather cancellations will be announced on the yahoo group and by Email an hour or more before class time. Please check an hour before class time if you aren’t sure.