Dog Agility Classes

The Basic Dog Obedience class at our facility is a prerequisite for Agility classes. After taking the Basic Obedience class, students typically progress into Foundation for Agility 1.  Please contact us for more information.

FAQ: What is Dog Agility?

Our dog agility classes are designed to build teamwork between the dog and handler while presenting them with challenges they may see in competition.  Material is tailored to each class so that the students will benefit the most from what is being taught.



Cowtown Dog Sports has a number of classes available at different times throughout the year.  Contact us or look at the calendar for the latest schedule.

Experienced teams should contact us for an evaluation so they can be placed at the appropriate level.

Private lessons are also available!

Dog agility classes currently taught at Cowtown Dog Sports are:


Foundation for Agility 1

(6 weeks) 

Basic Dog Obedience is required before taking this course.

Review of basic behaviors such as sit, stay, and down; body awareness; shaping; tugging and playing with your dog; Susan Garrett’s Crate Games; nose targeting.

MishaRobinWAGFeb2014croppedFoundation for Agility 2

(6 weeks)  Continuation of body awareness and nose targeting; jump training; more basic obstacles; beginning sequencing and basic handling


Level 1

(ongoing) Beginning handling; continuation of learning obstacles and sequencing


Levels 2-4

(ongoing)  Continuing to advance to more challenging with handling and obstacle performance.