Rally Obedience Classes

Students must complete Basic Obedience or have prior approval before registering for Rally classes. Please contact us for more information!

FAQ: What is Rally Obedience?

Does your dog already know basic obedience and you want to do more with him?  Our rally obedience classes might be the solution!  Rally is like an obedience obstacle course for dogs and it a lot of fun!  The handler heels the dog between a series of stations and performs the behaviors on the sign at the station.

Heather_Ro_Win_RallyOur rally obedience classes focus on learning the individual behaviors that the signs use and then putting those behaviors together while learning how to perform each sign.  After learning the signs, they are put together into a full rally course.  AKC and ASCA Rally Obedience are the primary venues we address although you can easily do other venues using the information taught in this class.

Contact us or look at the calendar for the latest class schedule.

Private lessons are also available!


Rally Obedience classes currently taught at Cowtown Dog Sports are:


Rally Obedience 1

(8 weeks)

Basic Dog Obedience is required before taking this course.

Review of sit, down, stay; Introduction to Front and Heel positions; Introduction to Left and Right Finishes. This class will help you learn the basic behaviors for Rally, help you learn Novice level signs, and practice Rally courses!

Coal during one of our rally obedience classes.

Coal having fun!

Rally Obedience 2

(8 weeks) Continued polish of basic rally skills covered in Rally Obedience 1; More Novice level signs and introduction of Advanced level signs; continued practice of Rally courses.

BullyRobinRally_ThumbRally Obedience 3

(8 weeks) Continuation of rally skills covered in Rally Obedience 1 and 2; Advanced and Excellent level signs; continued practice of Rally courses.