Canine Fitness Training

We current accept dogs at different levels of fitness.  The training program is tailored to the level of each dog.  Stress will be on proper form for exercises – especially for those just starting fitness training with their dogs.

Canine Fitness Training classes starting:

Canine Fitness Training builds your dog’s core strength and improves their balance through the use of low impact exercises.  It has the additional benefit of increasing your dog’ confidence while increasing the bond between dog and handler!   Exercises can be performed on the flat and/or with inflatables and things you probably already have around the house!


Canine Fitness training is great for performance dogs!

Dogs of all ages and body types can benefit from conditioning! Overweight dogs can build muscle while on a diet to lower their body fat. Older dogs can benefit from gaining core strength to help them maintain their balance and mobility. Puppies can benefit from light exercises designed to teach body awareness. Performance dogs can improve and maintain the core strength and body awareness required by so many performance sports.

Our Canine Fitness Training classes teach you how to exercise your dog safely and with good form.  As the dog’s fitness level improves, dogs are challenged with harder and harder exercises.  Our facility is equipped with the latest canine fitness equipment: inflatables of all kinds, wobble and rocker boards for working on balance and stability, and a treadmill for endurance.

Canine Fitness is great for older dogs too!

Jag and Melanie work on the Infinity!