Thank you so much for coming over and showing Greta and I “how to’s”.  Greta and I enjoyed your lessons.  I will keep these instructions handy and read them over until we both learn them.  I am sure you will have much continued success in your dog business.  You are so pleasant to learn from.  Thank you.

Linda DeBlois and Greta





Any of my friends who need their dogs to become well behaved family members you need to take them to Cowtown Dog Sports. Robin Barber is right in Hudson Oaks, has later classes for those that work or just want out of the heat. We took Allie and Maverick and they learned a ton. Allie is 5 years old and she learned a ton, so it works for them all, she has all types of classes. We are now on to Agility foundation. I love her classes and her teaching method, and you guys that know me know I’m hard to please when it comes to training my animals.

Michelle Fowler


Pip Tugging


Robin’s classes give you a solid foundation for agility, whether you want to compete or just have fun with your dog. No matter your dog’s skill level, Robin will adapt her training strategy to be sure you are successful.

Barbara Gadola





My dog, Kamden, and I have been in several classes with Robin and all of them have been very informative and fun. The Distractions and Self Control class has helped us work better as a team and Kamden is like a different dog. She concentrates on what we are trying to achieve and her happy face proves that she loves class. Is she still all terrier? You betcha, but the difference is when we are “working” together she sticks with me and is enthusiastic about learning and trying new things. Outside of class she lives life to the fullest and upholds the terrier tradition of chasing birds and bugs and planes and helicopters and … Thanks Robin!

Lynda Gilley



Just a quick note to thank Robin for her great class. She really help me understand how to interact with Hunter and Charlie. Charlie is a much healthier and happier girl now, not nearly as scared all the time. We’re seeing improvements every week with her. Also Hunter seemed to become half his age, much more playful now. Thanks again for your time and wisdom!

Ken, Vanessa, Hunter, and Charlie